Little Left to Lend

by Brotherhood of Thieves

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released January 14, 2014

Written by Brotherhood of Thieves

Produced by Chris Tsanjoures, Jake Wardwell, and Nicholas Cole
Album Art by James Inkel



all rights reserved


Brotherhood of Thieves Hartford, Connecticut

Hard-nosed rock n' roll butterfly.

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Track Name: Walls
Without space, without order and/or cause
you don't speak, seldom caring no resolve.
Wide-eyed now, fucked to find the results of age.
Pluck to plow.

I can't sleep;
the nights are longer than these miles.
I'm in too deep
ten and two am I the cause?

Two turns five, tape turns time, adhesive,
glue to you, fly to flame the weak turn back.
We don't know this is a temporary fix.
We don't know this is a temporary fix,
we all are temporary.

Are we keeping lists to check
of letters we won't send?
Are we forever leaving here?
Have we ever left?
Track Name: Anybody's Game
They say its anybody's game
but you don't know how to play
and all the rules seem so absurd
'Cause all you know is what you heard
and nothing more was ever learned

They say its anybody's game
But you don't know...
Track Name: Isolated Nights
The gift that I received
was not meant for me
so I threw it away

Foolish and untrue
This I couldn't tell you
kept it to myself

Never was it right
You would bring me down
She repaired my smile

Drunk but in denial
Inquiries dismissed
Silent as you stare

Struggles at the start
Nothing left to show
Bare now as my heart

Will you never know
calendars get marked
with isolated nights?

Wave our options for
another chance to be ignored,
and though this thought exists for us,
its unspeakable now...

...its all unspeakable now.
Track Name: Vast and Unaware
A silhouette evokes the feeling,
a single light reveals who cares.
There you'll be forever floating
among the vast and unaware.

I have little left to lend you
other than these tired tones.
Calling out the names of no one,
collecting these to call my own.

Who cares?
Among the vast and unaware.
Track Name: Master's Masquerade
As kings we
sat on a lap of luxury and wealth.
As virile beasts
cut off and left our limbs.
Off and on:
A faucet of insecurity and pain.
Idol hands
regulating themes.

Patients bringing on
a heavy weight.

Showing little of your mind
a struggle from far behind
Count these
failures on your hands.
Two left feet
when you choose to dance.

In your master’s masquerade
Not a solemn serenade

Who’s your master?
Track Name: Church
Deep in the evening
Sign of the cross
Left by a fountain
with no coin to toss
Facing the evils
Testing my faith
I failed to find reason
or truth in its place.

Site of the steeple
Stories in glass
A place to find peace
and quiet at last
If my God knows me
Sees my belief
Ill need no forgiveness
to earn my release.
Track Name: Sideways
Sitting at seats edge just to stare at my shoes
Wondering, waiting for terrible news
Nothing but noise and a mailbox to check
Stripping the gold from the champions neck

With a letter on its way
I’m living sideways
and the postman is late
I’m living sideways
The smile on your face
cut off my intake
Nothing to do
I’m living sideways

Its old fashion love in the digital age
Translating feelings to words on a page
Body and brain worn and confused
Suffer the substance I choose to abuse

With a letter on its way
I’m living sideways
and the postman is late
I’m living sideways
The smile on your face
cut off my intake
Nothing to do
I’m living sideways
Track Name: Rise and Recede
I was low and sinking
Drowning in the sound
of a circus leaving town
Obvious my needing
you to be around
but I live to be let down
And devils moon was rising
illuminating now
the sorrow I have found

So rise, recede,
and find another beach to repeat
To rise, recede,
and find another beach

Streets roads and avenues
Designed for my use
Triangular metaphors
Trite and obtuse

Tug and tow on tides below
Cratered face controls
and anxiously I wait
a tired sun and dusk will fade
a dimmer light is made
always following new phase
A paper sphere hung on a string
Lingering for wolves to sing
Reflected in our eyes

To rise, recede,
and always on repeat.
To rise, recede
Track Name: Killing Grounds
Just leave it lie
turn and walk
fuck forgiveness
Though they're now gone
keep an eye
you're a target
Sleep will come slow
lying still
with one eye open
Oh we mistake
these killing grounds
Fuck forgiveness

Don't surrender now

There's still a chance
Place a bet and
meet your maker
Offering peace
waging war
what a circle
They'll promise change
dry your well and
sell you water
Oh we mistake
these killing grounds
Fuck forgiveness

Don't surrender now
Track Name: Argue
If and when I've had enough
to walk it back, and force a smile again.
She had left and reappeared
I hesitate, the argument begins.

And early morning finally fled
I was gone, to wait for it to end.

If you stay too long.
Remain headstrong
Wake me to leave, beg me to leave
If I stay too long.

You made me a setting sun
swallowed down, forever fighting night.
Freedom found and panic lost
and in its place, you I will erase.
Track Name: Always Another
Seemingly sweet
Go undercover
She's pretty and honest,
but does he love her?

Now the outsider
he's waving goodbye to another.
There's always another.

Another one to bring the ins out.
Another one to draw him in.
and love becomes the lesson
love becomes the lesson he won't learn.

Pride of the fleet,
second to nothin'
He's handsome and honest
but does she love him?

With mother's advice
she begins to think twice and discovers,
there's always another.
Track Name: Shifting In
If the shift in of Winter's return
takes the soft from your eyes,
I have hardly the warmth of these words
keeping me in my size.

Bend to break down this borden to use
Forces change now you,
You alone both dreamer and dream
keeping me in my size.