In Between Seasons

by Brotherhood of Thieves

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released November 5, 2012

Chris Tsanjoures: Producer/engineer
Mastered by Jay Figgoletto
Album art by James Inkel



all rights reserved


Brotherhood of Thieves Hartford, Connecticut

Hard-nosed rock n' roll butterfly.

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Track Name: Across the Street From Me
Cheap, run down.
Hope Leaks out.
Claims no faith.
Hides all pain
Steap, these steps.
Soaked in sweat,
this ascent,
came and went.
Track Name: In My Garden
In my garden there's a leaking hose that i have watched for days.
And just like me my flowers are also soon to be drowning in it's stream.
In my hell there is a furnace blowing fire beside a static TV screen.
The heat inside intensifies and now im begging for a breeze.

Do I? I do.
Believe these to be truths
An insane mind, in a forgotten place.
Do I? Do i?

In my garden there's a leaking hose that i have watched for days.
And just like me my flowers are also soon to be drowning in it's stream. And what we thought the spring would bring was lost in seasons in between.
So now we wait, to cultivate. for now I'll live amongst the weeds.

I'm moving through the weeds that I call
Track Name: New Start
Hey...can we make it like the last time?
And bring some kind of substance to this part
and what are the chances of a new start?
Can I reclaim the space made in your heart?
Or leave, like the promise that you never made me,
and if im wrong ill be the first to part.
Can new beginnings become what i strive for?
Mean what you say but you don't say what you need to say.
Dim was the day, so dim was the day.
Mean what you say but you dont say what you need to say.
Oh what a change from april to may.
My god! Oh, what a change.
Track Name: Beneath the Beacon
Call it off. It seems we never got beyond the bullshit.
Looking back, its obveous we never talked about it.
Guess you win, reeled me in and released me back to the ocean.
Where i could swim, and surfaced with the hope of new horizons.
I've been wrong. Believing every line I scribed was progress.
You move on, and im left with this weakened sense of purpose.
Is it my fault? have i destroyed this as i have my organs?
The tangled wires, and busted keys that paid the most for my anger.

Standing just beneath.
Wanting, just believe.

Please believe, and think of me
when remembering that night,
beneath a beacon street light.
Guess everyone else was right. Everyone else was right
Come on!
Invite me in, but you close the door before i even enter.
Once inside, I knew id be just looking for my exit.
Track Name: Loneliest Whale
Admire, the loneliest whale.
It's so hard to be heard with a song in a strange key.
You cannot find home,
and so much bigger the ocean when you're swimming alone.
She is like me.
So desperatly singing, longing for harmony.
As Iong to be,
just panning the sea for a whale just like me.
And so sad the song,
having nothing but hope and current to move on.
Awaiting the day...
for a solo concluding, in a beautiful reunion
of love.
On and on.
Track Name: It Spills
Today we paddled out in rain,
a streak of blue against the grey in a picture taken form far away.
I told you that i'd quit in may, when you arrived,
but i just need one today.

Of all the obvious remarks, you chose the one that stayed.
Hurting me in several ways.
It gets worse when left alone, in its absense im afraid.
Thats why i needed one today.

But why'd you want to live that way?

....and it spills over unannounced,
increased in times of pain i need it pushing through my veins.
You were mad our plans had changed. Said i was to blame,
for the impending hurricane.

But whyd you want to live that way?
Tell me who are you today?
Track Name: Coffee, Cigarette Breakfast
So many the things that i dont know.
Now as clear as the day that you left home.
Its this four walled world that i live in.
I'm treading on ice thats much too thin.
Its a coffee cigarette breakfast.
Hoping its me that you'll soon miss.

You are whats left of my dreams my dear.
I'm as dead as the leaves on the trees round here.
I kept my bags packed next to the door.
Beside the letter you would leave me on the floor.

And still there is sits and collects dust.
Beside me with a heart thats starting to rust.
I'm starting to rust.
Track Name: Stone Boat
I'm thirty miles, thirty miles to sea putting you thirty miles from me.
And my mistake was returning to the shore to find my best attempts ignored.
'Cause you write me off for my recklessness and my unwillingness to change.

And we get back to basics, trading pleasentries ans smiles.
And though your steps away now, you might as well be miles.
People called me crazy trying to bake a stone boat float,
but i have been so lonesome, dont you think i wont.

There's things i cant remember, things i cant forget.
I wonder if your happy yet.
My mistake was believing i could swim within the sorrow of our
But you write me off for my recklessness and my unwillingness to

Make me an offer...
Track Name: Arrow of Time
It had to be today.
I still see their faces as im driving away.
Its me im trying to save,
moving down a road the aint been paved.

Gave you the last piece of my heart
asked you to keep it safe.
I'll be back to pick it up someday...

It pulses through my ventracles with every turning page.
Is freedom just another word for cage?
'Cause I've been chasing ghosts you know, perhaps its a mistake,
but the stars will break their orbits in my wake.

The fast track to hell was too slow for me.
I'm living fast, and picking up speed.
'Cause today's a bitch, but tomorrows a dream
thats tempting me to sleep.

I wanna thank you for a lovely time,
but the hours getting late.
You know I wish that I was here to stay.

Don't take no revolution or sarcastic protest song,
to know this is where i belong.
The crowd begins to stamp their feet and the lights are coming down.
There aint no way i'll turn back now.

You'll find me in a dusty box
of forgotten carefree days.
You know I wish things could have stayed the same.
Track Name: Mirror Hates
The secrets that I keep
been making my will weak.
Though less we've come to speak.
These challenges i seek.

Stall me, call me out.
Believe, not me, doubt.
My mirror hates me now.
My mirror hates me now.

Is this the bane of my existance?
Leaping wild from stone to stone?
Desperate, and begging for forgiveness
from a god that i've not known.
Let me, hide among the lonely,
and go right back to being alone.

Track Name: Hold and Harness
The door slams as violence shakes the room, as you were taking off.
Such a staged production. This was your escape, but you I've chosen not
to chase.
And exits now our keeper of the flame, but you're as lost as I am sane.
You'll be mine, and still my choices two: to be myself or someone like you.

If you dont mind I'll do this for myself this time around.
I was torn between my choices, you had upset everyone.
And I'm amazed at your ability to hold and harness misery.

The door slams. You dart across a crowded room, to where the sun will replace the moon.
And in sunlight, you'll return and we'll pretend that we should try and
love again.
Exits now our keeper of the flame, but you are lost and I'm insane.
You'll be mine, and still my choices two: to be myself or someone like you.

Come home.
Track Name: Your Island
There's a calm before the storm, like the years before the wars,
when you were mine and i was yours.
But the mountains have you now,
and these I could surmount if curcumstance would just allow.
Love could "crown or crucify", destroy or mystify,
leave you shaking where you lie.

Surrounded by an enemy, and as they're closing in.
I'm still on your island.
Often times i'll close my eyes in an effort to pretend
That i'm still on your island.

There's a fear i feel in fall while pacing dim lit halls,
awaiting perfectly placed calls.
My words could not defend,
in the absence of a friend, return to paper and a pen.
There's a calm before the storm, there were years before the wars,
when you were mine and i was yours.

Your island's breeze reaches me,
and soon I'm blown away.